RMagick added to gotAPI

gotAPI is a nice little resource for searchable documentation for some common programming languages and libraries, like PHP, Ruby, CSS, JavaScript, Protoype and the like. The site does not host the documentation itself, but rather provides an interface to find things on other pages.

What makes this service interesting is that users can help support what gets put on the site. To contribute to their API(application programming interface), you create a simple XML file which lists out all of the classes, properties, members and links to where those elements live.

For a project that I am working on, I required the use of RMagick and then i explored their documentation. The Image class has methods spread across three different pages. So I created the XML document with some curling, awking and other scripting fun and posted it to gotAPI. It was fairly easy and I can find things a little easier now using this site.


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