A Tip For People using Google Code and the Issue Tracker

If you are using Google Code, and let's say that you want an issue addressed, like having ruby supported in GAE. Please, Please, PLEASE, use the star voting and avoid making comments that are simply "+1". The more stars a defect has, the more attention it has, not the number of comments and especially the number of "+1"s.

Actually, you hurt the initiative to get an issue addressed when you make those comments. You see, when you star an issue, you receive emails when that issue gets updated or commented upon. So if an issue has 100 or so "+1" comments, then whoever put a star on that defect is going to get 100 or so emails. After getting 20 inane emails, one might decide to remove the star from the issue, thus lowering it's rating and hurting the campaign.

So please, if you want to help, just star the issue.


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