Adobe, Are you kidding me?

So there I am, wanting to install Photoshop on my laptop, which happens be a Mac with Leopard installed when I see this lovely message:

System Requirements Error

So what does "This software cannot be installed because the file system of the OS volume is not supported" even mean???!?! I tell you what it means, it means that Photoshop will not run if you happened to have formatted your file system to be case sensitive. Thanks for the clear error!

I don't even want to begin on how insane that sounds to me? So what's a person to do?

Well, my friend James Gibson suggested that I install Photoshop in Windows and use Photoshop through WMware. Another possibility is to rename directories to make CS3 work

I think I'm leaning towards the first option as some people are having some issues with the renaming method. Either way, it's kinda lame.


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