Version Control Isn't for Just the Big Projects

We know that when you are working with a bunch of developers for code that's going to be deployed to the world that version control is something that you want in your toolbox. I would like to submit that it's not the only reason to use source control.

I bought a Flex book to, well, teach myself Flex. The book right now is taking me though one application and is building it out piece by piece. So I began to think: "What if I just keep track of all my changes through git?"

For one, Flex is nice because it's all XML, so that makes revision tracking fairly easy. Also, git is very easy to get started because you don't have to do any server setup. Just issue a git init command and get going. Then after each chapter, I can tag the repository for posterity's sake. And I have to say, it's been great to see how the code has changes, especially since Flex Builder generates code.

That's one thing I love about git, and mercurial, it's so easy to start using version control for even the littlest of tasks.


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