Issue Tracking + Git = ticgit

So not only is git useful for the small projects, it's also good for keeping track of todos and issues. Ticgit is a distributed ticketing systems based on git. It provides a command line interface as well as a web interface via sinatra and stores all of the ticket info in a separate branch, called ticgit. Rather clever I think.

Ticgit takes a simplistic approach to issue tracking as Lighthouse has done. You can comment, add tags, manage the state of an issue, save views, and change to whom an issue is assigned. There is still more planned, like keeping track of milestones and syncing the tickets to Lighthouse.

As mentioned, there is a web interface to ticgit; however, it wasn't my cup of tea. So I have started my own web interface, tiwatchtower. It's still a little rough around the edges, but I would love to hear any thoughts.


So far, I like it and it's exciting to see how git can be pushed. It's great for keeping track of things that are on my mind without worrying about having to setup trac or having to use up a Lighthouse project. It's simple, effective, and worth a look at.


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