Fun with Smart Playlists in iTunes

I use iTunes for managing my music, mostly because I have to or my iPod and iPhone don't place nice. One of my favorite features is the smart playlists. So when I want a play list of cover songs, I don't manually create a playlist, I use this feature to create the playlist for me.

Say I want a playlist of cover songs. What I will do is add a comment of "&cover" directly in the track info.


The reason I chose to use an & in front of the tag is so two fold. One, so if you have a comment talking about the album cover, it wouldn't get added to the list. If you don't like the &, leave it our or use your own.

Once I have done that to all of my songs, I create a new playlist with the following settings:


And now I have my playlist. The benefit to this is that if I move this song to another computer, say my work desktop, I can easily re-create the playlist.

One last thing. If you find yourself using this, or wanting to use this, a lot, check out Quick Tag


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